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Michelle will help you understand “why you are doing what you are doing” with your horse. This will help increase your confidence and will teach you yo work through challenges.

My unique offering

How can I help you?

My business and my mission is about helping people connect to What Matters to Them. Helping people understand their horses and communicate in a positive healthy way matters to me. Why? Horses have given me so much, they’ve shaped my life and taught me so much. 

My Horsemanship system and the way of teaching or training is unique.

  • Treat each student as an individual.
  • Teach each horse as an individual.
  • Care about getting to know you.
  • No judgment, free to be yourself at your level.
  • Promote independent learning.
  • Teach you to understand the “why” behind what you do with your horse.
  • Teaching you tools and critical thinking to problem solve on your own
how I work

My Approach

Have you been looking for a slower, step by step approach to the basics of Horsemanship without too much pressure or confusion for you or your horse?

I teach you to understand and work with your horse, to build a partnership based on mutual respect and trust.

I help people create a relationship with their horse, Improving their confidence, connection, and understanding of each other.

Join me on my journey to learn as much as I can about horses, Horsemanship, horse care, and personal growth. My goals are for you to learn along with me as I search for better partnership, biomechanics, riding skills, and care with horses. I don’t believe there is any “one” ultimate method or way of working with horses. There are many “right” ways, styles, and systems, as long as the priorities put the horse and it’s physical & mental welfare first. My journey with horses is not about being the “best” or “winning”, but about learning, being, and searching for all the possibilities to improve my skills with a horse. It’s the journey, not the end goal, that excites me. To me, if we are going to take on ownership of a horse it is our responsibility to do as much as we can to provide them with good care & feed, living situation, mental wellness, socializing, & movement. If we are going to ride a horse in my opinion it is our responsibility to educate them well so they can understand what we want from them and physically strengthen them so they can comfortably carry us. These things do not happen without time, consistency, & continued learning from us. My goal is to help educate you so you can be your horses number one partner, trainer, and caregiver.

“Michelle has my highest recommendation to help both people and their horses move forward in a positive way towards their goals. I wish her the very best offering her services to any lucky person that is able to get some direct coaching or horse training from her.”

–  Jonathan Field

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