As an instructor who really cares about yours and your horses’ well being and progress, I always want to give you as much value as possible from every lesson! We all have busy lives and it can sometimes be hard to switch modes when we arrive to see our horse or take a lesson. Below are 8 tips for getting the most value out of your lesson.

8 Tips on how to get the most out of your lesson!

  1. Record your lessons dates and times in your calendar or scheduling app at the time of booking.

  2. Take time to write out your goals and intentions and share them with your instructor. This will help them understand how to help you better and create a lesson plan for you. 

  3. Book “practice time slots” in your schedule for you and your horse to help get in the habit of committing to your personal progress each week.

  4. Show up with ample time to get yourself and your horse ready for your lesson. This may include grooming, quiet time with your horse, warm-up time, and clearing any extra things from your mind. Try to let go of your busy day when you say hello to your horse.

  5. Be in the arena or waiting right outside before the start of your lesson. This lets you take full advantage of your lesson time.

  6. Have one or two clear goals or questions for the lesson.

  7. Have a notebook at the barn or in your car to write down a few quick notes, reminders, and wins from your lesson.

  8. Last but not least, have fun, try new things, and don’t judge yourself! We are all students of the horse :).