“I knew the minute I led my 2yo SP filly Zoomer off the trailer that I’d need help with this one. Her spirit and bold, opinionated presence was overwhelming and intimidating at best. I needed more tools in my toolbox!

I started working with Michelle immediately and I must say, BEST decision I made as I’m not sure Z and I could have come to the mutual understanding and friendship we now have without her. She taught me to really LISTEN to my horse to understand her fully; not just to respond. It’s not a personality contest and it’s not about domination. I have had horses for 40 years, but I have seriously had the most “aha!” moments with Michelle and her teachings!

Thank you for showing me that anything is possible with patience and understanding. I went from escalating bad situations with Zoomer into total diffusion and communication…I can’t wait to see where we go! I really believe that the sky is the limit.”

–Tina & Zoomer

“Michelle has an amazing ability to help transform the relationship between rider and horse. My horse, Poldi, and I have developed an incredible way of communicating with one-another. It’s an unspoken, subtle energy that allows us to move together in unison. I recognize that he is capable of far more than I thought and a slight change in my posture can ask him to make changes in his manner. Michelle has a gift and what she teaches can be applied to all aspects of life. The skills that I have learned with her transcend not only horse and rider but I have developed a greater ability to be present and read people.

Perhaps more importantly, Michelle has worked regularly with our 11-year-old daughter, who suffers from anxiety, and through the power of horsemanship, has helped give her the tools she needs to feel empowered and connected. During that time, our daughter has learned what it means to be a leader, manage her anxiety, and communicate effectively. The skills she has learned will forever help her to better communicate with horses and humans alike. She has learned to read body language and respond accordingly – she knows what it’s like to listen and truly be present with another being.”

–Mel & Poldi

“I have had the privilege of working with Michelle as my Horsemanship coach for the past three years. During this time, I have come to know her as the generous, caring, and supportive coach that she is.

Michelle has always shown the utmost understanding towards any anxieties I faced as a novice adult rider. It was easy for me to fall into patterns of anxiety while handling horses. Whether it was a fear of getting injured or not understanding the horse’s boundaries, Michelle always supported me through these times. Michelle’s compassion combined with her technical and theoretical knowledge of horsemanship showed me the path I needed to create a loving, trusting, respectful, and unbreakable bond with the horses that entered my life. I came to see that a successful bond with a horse is never achieved through eliciting fear. Instead, Michelle lead by example when she demonstrated how building a relationship of trust can be the most fulfilling experience when working with horses. These are life lessons that go far beyond the time with our horses and I’m grateful to have had a coach like Michelle to show me these life lessons in motion.

Michelle always created a safe and encouraging learning environment for me by ensuring that her lessons always started and ended with me feeling confident and positive. By facilitating this learning environment, Michelle brings out the absolute best in her students. I do not even recognize the person I was three years ago before I met Michelle. I have transformed from a rider who was scared and couldn’t even lead a horse to the rider I am today. I am now full of confidence when doing many exercises and have perfect communication with my horse on the ground even without a rope or physical tool to connect us. I am a different equestrian today because of Michelle’s constant support and encouragement.

Even though Michelle may be incredibly knowledgeable, she is still always eager to learn more from senior equestrians. Her openness and her pursuit of skills means that she always has new learnings to share with her students. Overall, Michelle is an incredible coach who always lets a student know why a certain exercise or skillset is important before she requires them to do it. She will also spend the time to equip each student with the fundamentals and the foundation to be able to become the best equestrian they can be. Her flexibility means that her students will also learn that they are engaging with horses who are living beings with their own unique temperaments and moods. Michelle’s adaptiveness to students and horses makes her a joy to work with. I feel honored to be Michelle’s student and I highly recommend her as a coach to anyone who is curious about this incredible sport.

I would not be the equestrian I am today without Michelle’s support and knowledge and for that I am very grateful.”

–Cindy Li

“We were fortunate to be introduced to Michelle in 2018, and we have been working with her regularly ever since. Michelle has helped us build a relationship with our pony which is based on confidence and mutual respect. We have benefited from group lessons, from private lessons, and Michelle’s training with our pony – all of the options she offers are excellent.

Learning horsemanship with Michelle has empowered us to handle our pony in a safe, kind manner in many different and sometimes stressful situations. Her complementary approach to the human-equine relationship has made it easier to participate in all sorts of horse and pony activities, such as therapeutic riding, Pony Club, Equestrian Canada training, and competition. She is well organised, professional, and an excellent teacher.”

–Toireasa, Gillian & Sugar Pie

“A new mare, with little training and who lived most of her life in a wild herd. She has her good points: she is usually calm, she’s pretty, and she likes people. However, at 7 years old, with some body issues, and with an older human companion, where do we start?

Fortunately, at the time I was ready to work with my mare, Josie, Michelle Young came to train in our neighbourhood.

Now we have been working together for almost a year. I always look forward to our lessons, where I am learning so much.

I have been riding for half a century, yet am understanding more about relaxation and attention. Ground training is flowing nicely to similar requests under saddle. Michelle’s knowledge, kindness, and open thinking are encouraging us to do things we had only dreamed of.

We are using a rope halter, a bitless bridle, and have changed to a 24 hour feed schedule without weight gain. Michelle has worked with the vet about Josie’s body issues, which are lessening with helpful exercises.

I am so thankful to have Michelle guiding us in this exciting journey. She leads with kindness and an interest in the horse’s point of view, as well as exceptional knowledge of horse training and management.

Thanks so much, Michelle, as Josie and I look forward to what comes next!”

–Sally Brown Koelzer and mustang mare Josephine

“Michelle helped me gain the confidence and leadership I desperately needed for my very unconfident, nervous rescue horse.

His default was worry and self-preservation to the point of being dangerous and unpredictable. She helped me slowly and methodically build a relationship of trust with my horse from the ground up.

Her skill, knowledge and patience in training us both has been invaluable.
We can now enjoy more relaxed and safe time together whether it be in hand or in the saddle. If you’re looking for a very professional, educated, honest coach look no further.”


“Michelle is truly a natural horsewoman. Her ability to connect and communicate with horses is a gift and one that, if you are lucky enough to book her time, will no doubt benefit from. Michelle worked one on one with our young horse through a stressful time and he was clearly responsive and engaged with her. She also worked with our daughter and older horse, who, in a very short period of time, became more attuned to the subtleties of awareness and communication between horse and rider, which ultimately helped her to ride smarter and more efficiently.”

–Eleanor Chan & Cuzco

“Michelle’s teaching gives her students the tools to provide fun mental stimulation for all kinds of horses. A great way to encourage a healthy and happy bond with your horse on the ground and under saddle.”

–Emma Chan & Doobie

“Working with Michelle is always a pleasure. Michelle has been able to help me better understand my horse and the importance of the connection between horse and rider. People ride all their life without having that kind of connection. I’m grateful she’s brought this into my relationship with my Texx.”

–Deb Aniba

“We have only been taking horsemanship lessons with Michelle for three months. From the start, Michelle has taught us how to do so many exercises and explained the importance of them. We can now use these skills outside of the session and even when riding. We feel like we have become so much more knowledgeable on how to communicate with our horses and it has made such a difference when handling them. We also feel like our connection with our horses have become much stronger. We love seeing how much progress both us, and the horses, have made. Michelle explains everything so clearly and really helps you if you are ever unsure. She is always happy to answer questions and always makes sure we work in a safe, supportive environment. She is truly such an exceptional teacher and we can’t wait to learn more from her.”

–Ella and Grace

“I wanted to let you know what you have meant to Edie and I! As you know my mare is nothing short of a challenge! My time working with you has been educational for Edie and I. The difference working with you has made for us is beyond amazing and has us going in such a positive direction! I look forward to seeing you soon to continue our journey. Thank you!”

–Sandra and Edie

“Coach Michelle is very likeable, passionate and well-balanced. Michelle always finds a way to connect horse and rider more deeply. I have been amazed by Michelle’s horsemanship abilities and how she translates her own learning into teaching me and my horse in ways we can understand and implement, together. Michelle inspires me to want to learn more and grow alongside her. She is a true leader.”

–Sophia and Leila Krische

“When asked about Michelle Young, three words come immediately to mind and heart – integrity, passion, and commitment. When asked about Michelle Young as a Horsemanship Coach, many more words come to mind and heart – inspiring, encouraging, supportive, knowledgeable, mastery, attuned, driven, compassionate, adaptable, respectful… I could go on! I have entrusted Michelle with the most precious things – the safety and growth of myself, my children and the horses we work with and she has dependably and consistently cared for these precious things as if they were her own. I am incredibly grateful to know and work with Michelle Young.”

–Michelle Kertesz

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