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Licensed Instructor

Michelle is so proud to be a Dressage Naturally Licenced Instructor. Karen Rohlf, creator of Dressage Naturally, has hand picked only 5 Instructors internationally, to help students around the world to achieve their dreams with horses through harmonious education and empowered learning.

“Michelle Young stands out as a horsewoman with a high degree of integrity, compassion, and skill. I am proud to have her as an ambassador for Dressage Naturally. You are in excellent hands when you look to Michelle for education and support in realizing your horsemanship dreams.” 

Karen Rohlf

As Dressage Naturally Licensed Instructors, We promise

  • To put the welfare of the horse and the safety of the human as the top priority.
  • To meet each student and horse where they are, and help them take the best next step towards their goal.
  • To prioritize the relationship, partnership, communication, understanding, & harmony.
  • To create safe, fun, positive learning environments that are free of judgment.
  • To live in the spirit of possibility.
  • To seek to make the world a better place for horses by keeping the heart in the horse/human relationship.
  • To listen to the horse’s needs and do our best to see things from the horse’s perspective.
  • To take a holistic view of the horse’s experience.
  • To welcome students and horses from all disciplines.
  • To empower students to be able to independently problem-solve.

Being a DN Instructor enables Michelle to integrate the DN principles, priorities, and methods into her own experience in dressage, foundational training, and young horse development.

How can Michelle support you as a Dressage Naturally Licensed Instructor?

*Educational options for support with a DN focus*

Dressage Naturally Study Group With Michelle Young

Receive complete access to 100’s of Dressage Naturally Videos in the classroom – Monthly value $29 US (estimated $38 Canadian) plus a monthly group call with Michelle to challenge and inspire you and answer your questions…. All for only $50/month CAN.

Dressage Naturally Clinics With Michelle Young

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DN online courses:

“Never Underestimate The Possibility For Things To Improve In Ways You Cannot Yet Imagine”

– Karen Rohlf