Create an amazing connection with your horse!

Coaching to help you feel empowered and love working with your horse. 


Feel More Relaxed


Enjoy Better Communication


Develop Healthy Movement

Relaxation – Connection – Healthy Movement

Get the confidence and knowledge you need to excel in whatever direction inspires you!

Most riders dream of having an amazing relationship with their horse, but they often don’t know how to get there

Michelle’s unique program for helping horses and humans relax, rebalance, and realign both physically and mentally can improve things in ways you never dreamed possible!! She has supported horses and their riders at various levels find their inner potential and accelerate them towards success.

Are you excited to learn more about:

Groundwork? Liberty? Freestyle? Healthy Biomechanics? Young Horse Development? Horsemanship Inspired Dressage?

“Michelle has shown me the path I needed to create a loving, trusting, respectful, and unbreakable bond with my horse.”

–  Cindy Li

how can Michelle help?

Are You Looking For a Better Connection with Your Horse?

Is your horse tense or reactive?

Do you feel safe around your horse?

Do you feel stuck in your progress with your horse?

Would you like your horse to be happy and engaged when working with you?

Do you want to improve your horse’s mental, emotional and physical health?

Would you like to enjoy the journey of learning with your horse?

Michelle can help you feel great about the time you spend with your horse!

Remote Horse and Rider Training

Not in Vancouver, Canada? Physical Distancing?

Michelle offers remote coaching!


A lot of the work Michelle does is on camera — it can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Explore Michelle’s online community to get support now!

Coaching with Michelle

Get the help you need for your horsemanship journey.

It’s easy to start!


1. Book a Free Strategy Session

2. Meet with Michelle Virtually and See if You Make a Good Team

3. Get Your Customized Growth Plan!

Start with a complimentary strategy session and find your next best steps together!

“Michelle has an amazing ability to help transform the relationship between rider and horse.”

–  Melanie Mclean

“Michelle leads with kindness and an interest in the horse’s point of view, as well as exceptional knowledge of horse training and management.”

– Sally Brown Koelzer

“My horse and I can now enjoy more relaxed and safe time together whether it be in hand or in the saddle.”

–  Tracy Galbraith

How is Michelle unique?

Michelle’s approach takes the whole picture into consideration, with a focus on relaxation, connection, healthy biomechanics, and mutual understanding.

She creates confident horses and empowered students and educates both horse and rider to find healthy movement, and mental peace.

Michelle inspires students to better themselves and help their horses live happier, healthier lives.

If this approach resonates with you, see options under Work with Michelle.

“Michelle’s ability to connect and communicate with horses is a gift.”

–  Eleanor Chan

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