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Weekly Lessons or Training Support

Progressive Learning Semester

March – June 2023

The Progressive Learning Semester is packed full of learning and support for you and your horse. Michelle’s goal is to help you improve your horsemanship, learn how to trust your instincts, study independently, and become a more confident leader and partner for your horse. Michelle wants to help you solve the challenges that are holding you back and open the door to new possibilities of connection and harmony! With this goal in mind, Michelle has specifically designed this semester to bring this group of students together on a regular basis with group lessons, customized group practices, group calls, virtual training and built in accountability.

What’s included?
  • 12 Group lessons that follow a clear progression
  • 12 Customized practice sessions.
  • Video and virtual support.
  • Mid semester group goal and progress check in call.
  • Four month membership to the virtual Connected Horsemanship Community.
  • All group lesson and practice session arena fees covered with this course.

Monthly Progressive Lesson Plans:

Month 1: The Basics

  • Refine and solidify your key foundational building blocks. Improve your basic yields and communication.

Month 2: Freestyle & Seat Connection

  • Take your connection to the next level by learning to rely on your tools and reins less and teaching your horse to follow your body and intention.

Month 3: Sweet Spot Layer One

  • Develop a “let loose” healthy stretched posture with your horse both on the ground and under saddle. Learn to find relaxation in movement.

Month 4: Sweet Spot Layer Two

  • Start to develop working gaits, balanced transitions, and a more secure rider position all while prioritizing relaxation and fun with your horse!

Currently offered in Southlands, Vancouver, BC.

Contact Michelle for more information or to reserve your spot.

Work Privately with Michelle

Ultimate Progress & Private Support Package

Accelerate your success with Michelle’s Private Support Package! This package is for you if you want private one-on-one support and you want to make a serious commitment to you and your horse’s growth, understanding, and connection.

Four month minimum commitment

Very limited availability so Michelle can serve each student individually at a high level. This package is also one of the only places Michelle offers ongoing private lessons and training for horses.

Current package will run from March to June 2023.

What’s Included
  • 12 private lessons (approx 3/month).
  • Any private lesson can be substituted for a private training session for your horse with Michelle.
  • Possibility to schedule more private lessons as Michelle’s schedule allows (price of these lessons not included in this package).
  • Individualized progress and training plans for you and your horse.
  • Two private virtual goal setting sessions (typically one at the beginning of the package and one mid way through).
  • Michelle will privately train your horse if you are away or sick.
  • Email and phone access to Michelle.
  • Full Membership to the Connected Horsemanship Community (facebook support group, two Q&A calls monthly, access to Michelle’s Video Library).
  • A membership to Karen Rohlf’s Video Classroom.
  • Ring fees included.
  • First choice to sign up again when you come to the end of your package. 

If you are interested in this program, please set up a strategy session with Michelle to learn more and see if it is a good match for you and your horse.

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