“My mission is to help horses and the people who love them find more relaxation and connection. To create confident horses and empowered students. To educate both horse and rider to find healthy movement, and mental peace. To inspire students to better themselves and help horses live happier, healthier lives.” –Michelle Young

Michelle empowers and inspires her students to be independent learners and to bring out their inner potential, to grow and to work through challenges. She always lets her students know why a certain exercise or skill set is important before asking them to do it. She breaks things down into small pieces that are easy for both you and your horse to understand and successfully learn. 

With her amazing ability to transform the relationship between horse and rider, Michelle helps you get connected, feel safe, and love working with your horse, giving you the knowledge you need to excel in whatever direction inspires you! She supports horses and their riders find their inner potential and accelerates them towards success.

Michelle has been teaching and training for over a decade. She has experience and knowledge with a wide range of horses and students and specializes in helping you build a strong foundation with your horse, create greater connection and partnership, as well as improving confidence and communication, both under saddle and in groundwork. 

Michelle has always put a high value on her own education and has trained with some amazing mentors. She began her horsemanship journey studying with Marion Weisskopff, who over seven years, taught her great foundational skills as well as colt starting, working with foals and yearlings and ground driving. Michelle also studied Jonathan Field’s horsemanship program for 10 years and continued to broaden her foundation and improve her groundwork and riding skills. In the past, she worked as his assistant at his clinics, camps and tours. Most recently, Michelle has been training with Karen Rohlf of Dressage Naturally and has studied Karen’s system for the past eight years. In January 2021, Michelle was honoured by Karen’s invitation to be a Licensed Dressage Naturally Instructor and is excited about incorporating the Dressage Naturally system to help both horses and riders find harmony and healthy movement.

Michelle focuses on building a solid foundation with both horses and students as a first priority. She identifies areas that are out of balance (physically, mentally, and emotionally) and helps guide them to come into balance. Michelle does this by refining communication through improving timing and feel, increasing confidence and forming new healthy movement patterns. She also puts considerable focus on finding relaxation in movement. In over a decade of educating horses and riders she has found this to be an essential piece that is often missing.

Working with Michelle will help you:

  • Create a loving, trusting, and respectful bond with your horse.
  • Feel empowered and become an independent learner.
  • Find more relaxation for you and your horse together in movement.
  • Really listen to and understand your horse.
  • Learn to use your intention, feel and timing to develop clear communication.
  • Build your confidence when working with horses.
  • Build skills and communication on the ground and transfer them to under saddle.
  • Strengthen and expand your horse’s mental, emotional, and physical abilities.
  • Teach your horse to become more balanced and aligned in their body and movement.
  • Understand the whole picture of what your horse needs from you.
  • Learn about healthy horse care and management.
  • Feel safer and have more fun!

Find Relaxation and Connection with your Horse.

Move Together in a Healthy Happy Way.

“Michelle has my highest recommendation to help both people and their horses move forward in a positive way towards their goals. I wish her the very best offering her services to any lucky person that is able to get some direct coaching or horse training from her.”

–  Jonathan Field

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